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Everyday living at the PLLCA merges the two disciplines of learning and cultivation. What we learn in the lecture hall, lessons on respecting elders and caring for those who are younger, morality and trustworthiness, and causality and wisdom, are practiced throughout daily life. As are the tranquility, discipline, and concentration developed in the cultivation hall.


Whether attending lectures, chanting, eating in the dining hall, or spending time in the dormitories, respecting fellow residents as well our neighbors and working on individual cultivation pervade all activities. Respecting our neighbors also extends to animals and insects. All meals are vegetarian and many of the vegetables and a good variety of fruit are grown at our two organic gardens.


As a non-distracting environment is more conducive to the PLLCA goals, residents follow guidelines. Other than walking to and from the off-campus dormitories, taking a short walk around the neighborhood, or attending special activities, residents remain on the college property. Talking in the public areas and in the dormitories is limited and conversation is focused on PLLCA activities. There are no televisions or newspapers, but some computers are provided so students may do research, or just check to see that everything is okay at home.  


While many people attend as students from both within Australia and abroad, a good number of Australians come to help support the teachers and students. They help with cooking, gardening, maintenance, transportation, assisting at special events—whatever they can do to provide the services necessary to keep a small community functioning smoothly.      


Whether teacher, student, or worker, all residents strive to support one another in the shared goal of providing a good environment for cultivation and the training of future propagators of Buddhism.




"All men are

my father;

all women

are my mother."





Daily Living